Un-public sessions on Monday June 27th 2016 in Berlin, Germany. In the morning in Margarete Huber's studio in Wedding, with Margarete Huber (voice, circuit bent Yamaha keyboard, harpsichord), E_Rébus (circuit bent Casio keyboard, dictaphones, electronic toys, voice) & Har$ (dictaphones, toys, voice). In the afternoon down at KK Dix Neuf, Karl Kunger Straße 19 in Alt-Treptow, with Yumi Moon (voice), Nie-nah Lex (toys, things, water, drums), Daeil Lee (amplified butcher's knife), Jeff Surak (dictaphones, electronic & other things), Rinus van Alebeek (dictaphone & electro-toys), E_Rébus (dictaphone, things, toys, balloon) & Har$ (dictaphone, things, metal, balloon).

Many thanks to Camille Rocher @KK19.

Min Jeong Seo shot the cover- and other pictures.
released July 28, 2016
tags: experimental analog electroacoustic improvisation electronic speculative Paris
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